Why Corten steel?

A big advantage of Corten Steel is that it lasts up to 10x longer than regular Steels.

Our specialty is making high quality products at a very competitive price.

Most of our products are also customization possible. For example: planters, walls, pedestals, columns and water tables.

Frequently asked questions

It is not technically possible to ‘cut’ an existing order into parts. We cannot make partial deliveries.
If you want to receive products that are in stock earlier than products that are not in stock, we ask you to place 2 separate orders.

Products that are in stock can be delivered within two working days.

Our Corten steel products are delivered unroasted.

For orders above 90 euros within the Netherlands, Belgium. with the exception of urban distribution, Wadden Islands, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen

For Zeeuws-Vlaanderen a surcharge is also charged for the Westerschelde tunnel (€35, - per order)

Postal codes in the Netherlands for which city distribution is charged, € 35, - per order will be added. Postcode: Amsterdam, 1011-1012-1015-1016-1017-1018-1025-1102. Arnhem, 6811. Delft 2611. The Hague, 2511-2512-2513-2514. Dordrecht, 3310-3311. Leiden, 2311-2312. Maastricht, 6211-6221. Roermond, 6040. Rotterdam, 3011-3012-3013-3014-3015-3021-3022-3023. Utrecht, 3511-3512-3513-3514-3515-3551-3561. Venlo, 5911.

Wadden islands have a surcharge of € 67.50 

Cor-TEN (or Corten for short) is the trademark name for the type of Steel, also known as weatherproof or weatherproof steel. The COR relates to corrosive resistance, while the TEN relates to high tensile strength.

Corten steel is a type of metal that develops a thin layer of rust under the influence of the weather. The rust layer gives the product a beautiful rust brown color and also protects against further rusting. Initially, the material rusts in the same way as ordinary steel, but after a few months the rust crystallizes and adheres to the steel as a protective layer. The formed patina layer ensures that the oxidation stops.

At the start of the rust process, the Corten steel can release rust on your terrace. We therefore recommend that you do not place the products on a light-colored surface in the initial phase. If the oxidation process has been completed (maximum 1.5 years), you can place the product anywhere. If there is rust deposition, this can possibly be removed by means of a suitable rust remover. The success depends above all on the agent used and the frequency and quality of cleaning.

Corten steel, unlike other steels, does not require post-treatment. It should not be painted as protection against corrosion. Thus, no toxic substances are released during application, and there will be no paint waste products during maintenance or recycling.

Custom work has a delivery time of at least 6 weeks.

Corten steel is very durable and environmentally friendly. The rusting process causes a protective layer to form on the Corten steel. The product therefore requires no further maintenance. Oiling or dyeing is not necessary.

If you do not want to wait until the product has its rust color? Then there are ways to speed up the process! Mix some salt with water and spray it with a plant sprayer. Mixing natural vinegar with water also helps speed up the rusting process.

Corten steel is also used as a material in bridge construction or Shipbuilding and has a very long service life. In addition, Corten steel is a pure type of steel without additional [chemical] layers of protection. This means that it can be melted down again and can therefore be reused.

Corten steel is a beautiful and extremely strong material that is made of iron to which copper, phosphorus, Silicon, nickel and chromium have been added. Corten Steel owes its name to its unique properties. For example, COR means corrosion resistant, or corrosion resistant.

Place the planter on a flat solid surface. The bottom of the planter provided a layer of pebbles 35 mm grading. Do not use an overflow pipe, because no water should remain in the container. Over this, a water-permeable anti-root cloth. Lay the cloth at the edges at least 10 cm
up for an ideal operation. On this soil that is suitable for the chosen planting. The Earth in the container should never be tamped hard
this can cause damage to the bin.