Fire elements

All Corten steel fire elements are produced from high-quality Corten steel, and guarantee years of fun, warmth and cosiness on your terrace. Fire, warmth, atmosphere and powerful design come together in our collection of Corten steel fire elements such as BBQs, fire bowls, fire tables, and fireplaces. Also for sale in various sizes; Corten steel pedestals, U-pedestals (you can also use the U-pedestal as a mini wood storage), columns and wood storage. As time goes on, the Corten steel gets its special, deep rust brown color. An important property of Corten steel is that the fire bowl does not rust through and can therefore remain outside in wind and weather.

All our products come with a 5-year warranty.

The fire bowls are equipped with a ring (foot) as standard. This allows you to safely and stably place the shell on the floor or pedestal. There are four small holes in the bottom, which ensure that oxygen enters the fireplace from below. And is designed in such a way that you can already create a beautiful play of flames with a few blocks of wood. This way you have a controlled campfire quickly and comfortably. Use dry wood to avoid annoying smoke formation. And after use, remove the shafts.

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