Garden furniture

The Corten steel garden furniture consists of various beautiful products for your garden. Here you can see the mailboxes, mood panels and garden furniture. These Corten steel products give your garden an extra industrial dimension.

So we have 3 standing models mailboxes for you Daily Mail. But if you also want to receive packages, there are also two different package mailboxes for sale. For all mailboxes there are numbers and letters for sale in stainless steel and in Corten steel. You can glue the numbers and letters yourself in the desired place of the mailbox. Glue is included. All mailboxes are equipped with a lockable door with 2 keys. The lock is a cylinder lock and therefore also resistant to all weather conditions.

The products are delivered unroasted. If you receive the order, it is advisable to remove the packaging. So that moisture that is between the packaging and the mailbox can be removed. The Corten steel products will be able to rust beautifully and evenly. By several weeks / months they are completely rusted. Although the patina is permanent, it can happen that, especially in the first months, under the influence of e.g. rain, some washes out / releases.

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