Corten steel fire Bowl on legs


This Corten steel fire bowl is made with 3mm thick steel. The frame is made of 8 mm thick steel.

The simple round shape allows you to enjoy the warmth and atmosphere that this fire Bowl will provide from all sides. Standardly equipped with dewatering holes. After use, remove the ash.

Diameter 60 cm, height 57 cm. Comes with stainless steel mounting materials.

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This Corten steel fire Bowl on legs is available in 3 versions:

With griddle, with grill or without grill or griddle.


In the first use of this Corten steel fire bowl on legs it is very important that you start with a small fire and after 25 minutes
the fire continues to burn. Because the heavy griddle on the underside gets hotter than
at the top, this temperature difference will make the plate hollow. After the first use
has the baking sheet "sat down" and this procedure is no longer needed.
The cooking unit will function best if it has been used once or twice and the oil
inside the plate is burned. Cooking on the baking sheet will be easier after this ‘burn-in ' and
protects the plate from rusting when not in use.
It is best to fry with vegetable oil with a high degree of combustion, for example
sunflower oil.

After about 25-30 minutes of firing, the baking sheet of the inner edge of the
temperature of 275-300°C. Once the fire has been started, you can start
with the baking sheet to oil, dose a little more oil where you are going to bake. On the outer edge is
the temperature is slightly lower so that one can alternate with frying and keeping warm. At the
heating the baking sheet will pull it slightly hollow. So excess oil and fats will
automatically end up in the fire. When the baking sheet cools down, it will straighten completely. After use, remove the shaft.

Clean the bbq Grill immediately after use and store it dry. If the grid has some
staying in the hearth for days, it gets the opportunity to fix rust. Our bbq grills are
tested and SGS certified.

Products are delivered unroasted:

Products must be unpacked immediately after delivery so that any moisture between
the packaging and product are not locked. This can cause irregular rust and stains

Product information cortenstaal:
Cor-Ten steel also known as weatherproof steel. It is a metal alloy consisting of iron to which copper, silicon, nickel and chromium are added. Cor-Ten is therefore a very strong type of steel that has the property of covering itself with a protective rust layer when exposed to the outside air. After that, this layer forms a protection against further corrosion. Characteristic of Corten steel is its orange-brown rust color and long service life.

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with grill, without grill

Baking tray

with baking sheet, without baking sheet